Skatepark Memorial Installed


The following apeared in the June 1, 2003 issue of the Block Island Times

A granite monument was installed at the Ian Kortbek Memorial Skatepark Monday, Oct. 27, exactly one year after the death of the young Block Island School graduate for whom the park is named.

Along with schoolmate Eddie Stover, Ian Kortbek, who died in a car accident along Corn Neck Road, was one of the early promoters of the skatepark. The park opened this summer to the delight of the island’s skating enthusiasts.

The four-sided pillar features inscription on two sides and an engraving with the shape of the island behind a skateboarder making a soulful turn. One side reads: "Ian Kortbek;" the other side gives the date of the park’s opening: "Skateboard Park, August 2003." Both sides of the pillar can easily be read when approaching the park.

The monument was paid for by the Ian Kortbek Scholarship Fund. Ian’s mother, Cynthia Rabey, as well as Police Chief William McCombe and Mike Nolan are administering the fund.

The charity is unique, because rather than requiring that the money be used for school tuition and expenses, it can be used for adventurous outings. "It’s for students who want to travel or have an adventure," said Rabey.