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The Ian Kortbek Fund was setup in memorial of the late Ian Anders Kortbek. Part of a unique island community Ian taught us to have fun, laugh out loud, and always dream big.


Dream Big is getting bigger


Each one of us has a different way of remembering Ian. Some of us hold onto pictures, letters, tshirts, and even skateboards, anything that reminds us of the friend we loved and miss. Today I'm thinking back to all the ridiculous days we had in high school, usually followed by even more ridiculous nights. Ridiculous was a good word to describe anytime you spent with Ian. Most the time you'd end up doing something that surprised even yourself. This time of year is always littered with mixed emotions. The carefree and laziness of the summer has past, and the chill of winter is on the horizon.

It's been a great year, the charity we've created in honor of Ian is starting to really take off. Our fund raising has matured, along with us and our ideas of how to use Ian's name to do great things for the Block Island (and Rhode Island) community. To anyone who has helped us in any way to get to where we are today with the Dream Big Foundation; from the behind the scenes work, to those who donated and sport their dream big bracelet, and anyone in between, I know I speak for Parker and everyone else involved in the foundation when I say thank you. And I can't wait till we all can get together again next summer, be safe till then.