Skate Videos

10.25.12 - 12:25 PM

I'm always a bit surprised when I'm home in Rhode Island and I open the drawers full of VHS tapes from high school of all the hours and days of skate footage we took. Can't be very many people out there who have the privilege of looking back on some of the most fun times of there childhood, all captured on tape. I hope to someday move all the VHS footage over to digital and share the shareable highlights online. My first attempt at the digital conversation was of the first skate video Ian and I did together, titles Skateboarding 101. Looking at it you wouldn't think it would have take months to edit, but remember this was the days of VHS and VCRs, so it wasn't as easy as todays editing. Of all the crazy parties and long beach days Ian and I spent together, I have to say that the hours and hours we spend cooped up editing videos was by far my favorite. I miss ya bud, and can't wait to get back in the editing room and convert over some more videos.
Always Dream big.


Stepping Back in Time

10.25.11 - 01:09 PM

It's funny how certain memories stay with you your whole life. Certain smells, places, foods and faces you'll never forget. Having been out of high school for a good number of years now it always surprises me just how much of what I grew to know in those 4 years is still a big part of my life today. I'm mostly speaking to the board sports, but Captain Morgan could easily make that list. I think I'll be a boarder my whole life. Something about picking up my skateboard and paddling around that instantly makes me feel 16 again.

I love to look back at the countless hours of raw video and handful of polished films I put together with Ian back in high school and into college. Some days we'd spend more time on our skateboards and behind a camera than in a classroom. We got a lot of strange looks going everywhere with a camera and skateboard. The large shoulder mounted VHS we carried made us look a bit like a news crew. Hotels, docks, movie theaters even inside the mall, the world really was our playground. Not many generations had that ability to pretty easily capture the majority of your childhood on camera. They say time travel isn't possible but looking back at our videos makes me feel otherwise.

A lot has changed since those days of year round summer carefree living but a lot has stayed the same. Most of us are well on our way to growing up, seeing the world and writing our own stories. I've found myself out on the beaches of southern California where I've never felt more in touch with the kid I was back in high school than I have in a long time. Time sort of stand still here.

I made my way down to Venice Beach a few days ago to watch a skate contest. It was call "generations of skate" and featured 3 different age groups of skaters competing. I was there to see the 40+ group. Steve Cab, Andy Mac and Tony Hawk, who I still owe a debt of gratitude to for his contributions to the Ian Kortbek Skate Park. All the guys I grew up seeing at the X Games and Gravity Games with Ian. 40+ and still skating like they're 16. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these guys proving to me that even as I grow older I'll always have an easy way to step back into carefree summer living.


October 25

10.25.10 - 08:54 PM

"It's hard to believe that 8 years have already passed when all the good times are still so fresh in my mind. You left us far too soon, and although you may be gone, you'll live on in our memories forever. Thanks for the great times, endless laughs, and countless stories. We miss you Ian." ~Parker

Thanks for the note Parks, we're all right there with you.


Added Stories Section

10.26.09 - 04:43 PM

I'm sure most of you remember John Foster's forum board he setup for us after Ian's passing. I'm extremely grateful to John for doing this for the stories posted here are near and dear to a lot of us. Unfortunately the site's been under attack by a lot of spamming. I'm proud to announce that I've successfully migrated the stories into a new section on, appropriately titled "Stories". See the Stories.


Branching Out

10.25.09 - 02:27 PM

The following is a letter to the editor that Parker and myself submitted in last weeks Block Island Times. We're both extremely excited to start branching out the Dream Big foundation by helping others in similar situations that could use the knowledge we've gained through all of our Dream Big projects. Our goals aren't modest, and our expectations are drawing way beyond the realm of skateboarding and becoming a mission of improving the lives of others through parks and recreation.

Personally, I think about Ian everyday, and certain things that remind me of the great times we had together, but today in particular, the 7th anniversary of his passing, I'm flooded with ideas about where to take the Dream Big Foundation next. I take comfort in knowing that Ian's up there and smiling, and pushing us to keep the big dream alive.

Dear Editor,

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who helped make this past summer's 3rd annual Dream Big Fundraiser another huge success. We were able to raise enough money to support three important endeavors for The Ian Korbek Fund.

We are currently planning to refurbish the Ian Kortbek Memorial Skatepark, which is starting to show signs of wear and tear from the countless people who have enjoyed using the park. Now that the summer crowds have slowed down, a few days will be set aside to restore and repaint some of the park's equipment.

As always, the Ian Kortbek Fund will continue to support the Ian Kortbek Memorial Scholarship. This past year a thousand dollar scholarship was awarded to a graduating senior from the Block Island School. We encourage all seniors at the Block Island School to apply for this scholarship, and remind them that this particular grant is not only for college or university tuition, but can be used for any pursuit of further education.

Finally, last year it was brought to our attention that a family in Georgia was heading a skatepark project, Robbie's Dream, in honor of their late son Robbie. Today they've secured land from their town and are in the final steps of making their memorial skatepark a reality. The Ian Korbek Fund was honored to contribute to Robbie's Dream, and will continue to collaborate with Robbie's family throughout the project. This marks a new direction for the Ian Kortbek Fund that spans beyond the shores of Block Island, touching the lives of kids across the country.

Our sincerest thanks to all the members of Block Island community, and all the contributors to the Ian Kortbek Fund, for all your help and support of the Ian Kortbek Fund, we know that without you none of this would be possible.

To learn more about the Ian Kortbek Fund, visit our website at


Eddie Stover
President, Dream Big

Parker Lacoste
Vice President, Dream Big


Dream Big is getting bigger

10.25.08 - 01:14 PM

Each one of us has a different way of remembering Ian. Some of us hold onto pictures, letters, tshirts, and even skateboards, anything that reminds us of the friend we loved and miss. Today I'm thinking back to all the ridiculous days we had in high school, usually followed by even more ridiculous nights. Ridiculous was a good word to describe anytime you spent with Ian. Most the time you'd end up doing something that surprised even yourself. This time of year is always littered with mixed emotions. The carefree and laziness of the summer has past, and the chill of winter is on the horizon.

It's been a great year, the charity we've created in honor of Ian is starting to really take off. Our fund raising has matured, along with us and our ideas of how to use Ian's name to do great things for the Block Island (and Rhode Island) community. To anyone who has helped us in any way to get to where we are today with the Dream Big Foundation; from the behind the scenes work, to those who donated and sport their dream big bracelet, and anyone in between, I know I speak for Parker and everyone else involved in the foundation when I say thank you. And I can't wait till we all can get together again next summer, be safe till then.


Remembrance and Reflection

10.25.07 - 11:54 AM

Today is a day of remembrance and reflection. Remembering the great times we all had with Ian when he was with us just 5 short years ago, and reflecting on how successful this summer was in raising funds for the Ian Kortbek Fund.

The "Dream Big Party Weekend" held at the Yellow Kittens Tavern this past August helped raise enough money to allow us the ability to accomplish some of the goals we've set out to do with "Dream Big". Skateboard giveaways, scholarships, events, and more, all coming soon from "Dream Big" and the Ian Kortbek Fund.

Keep an eye out for our placement in mags and newspapers around RI, and remember to always Dream Big.

Ian, you're always in our hearts.


Bracelets Have Been Ordered

03.15.07 - 09:23 AM

2500 Dream Big bracelets have been ordered and should arrive on the island this spring. Keep an eye out in stores and check back here for confirmation on who's carrying them, and availability. Also, where cookin up T-shirts and possibly skate decks in the near future.


A Personal Note

10.25.06 - 11:49 AM

It's hard to believe that it's been 4 years since we lost Ian. The expression "it feels like yesterday" is thrown around a lot, but has never rang so true to me than today. Thinking back makes me very appreciative of the time we all had together on our island. Ian we miss your laughter and friendship and know you were with each of us this summer.

I'm especially proud today of the Dream Big foundation for such a successful summer of bracelet sales and fund raiser parties, raising lots of funds for more bracelets. We are going strong and keeping Ian's, and all of our big dreams alive. Keep an eye out for news on the new summer "Big Block Party Weekend", to benefit the Ian Kortbek Fund, with live music and giveaways. Summer's only a few months away... you ready?


The Bracelets are Available

06.21.06 - 05:27 AM

The "Dream Big" bracelets are now available at the Shoreline and the Block Island Sport Shop (more stores soon), on Block Island. Stop in and pick one up, all proceeds to benefit the Ian Kortbek Fund.



Summer is almost here

04.10.06 - 03:32 AM

Summer is almost here which means that soon the Island will be packed with people and all the downtown stores will be opening up again. When shopping around town keep an eye out for the Dream Big IAK bracelets which will be available at select stores. A list of stores will be shown on this site once it's been finalized, and in the near future bracelets will be sold here as well. More updates soon to come.


New Site Launch

04.03.06 - 04:57 AM

This is the new format for our new site. Soon we'll have events information and products available here. This site will be coming together over the next few months so stayed tuned.


Tourism Grant

02.05.03 - 04:39 PM

From Trevor: "Great news! we got the grant from the tourism council for $4,500. So all that money will be going ot the skate park. We are getting closer. That one is for u Ian."



01.21.03 - 04:38 PM

From Trevor: "I wrote for the tourism grant that is offering $15,000. There are not alot of people applying for this and there is a chance we may get some money from them to finish the park. Chris Boul Co signed it as well. They will not make the descion until later in the month"



12.27.02 - 04:37 PM

New steel tension rods (apparently) need to be installed for the park (not my idea). So along with setting back the ground breaking day we need to raise an extra $14,000.00.



11.19.02 - 04:38 PM

Just in case people were wondering how the skatepark is coming along, the pieces have been ordered and shipped. They should be on the island soon (says Chris Willi), and the foundation is being preped for pouring. So feesably we could have the park going round christmas time... I'll be out on the island for about a month for break, and be cracking the whip for these guys to get everything done. Also I'm going to try and organize a meeting and maybe a commitee (if not thanksgiving break then christmas break) that will be in charge of designing and installing the memorial peice for Ian... many good suggestion have been made (Ian skateboard bronzed, a case to hang pictures, etc.) we just need to get organized and get everything ordered. See you all soon, and love to the I-dogg...


Plaque suggestions?

11.19.02 - 04:36 PM

From Alicia: "What I was thinking and Eddie and I were talking about are certain things that we think we could have at the skatepark to commemorate (I think thats the word?) Ian. What I was thinking was bronzing one of his skateboards and having that be part of the plaque (you know how parents and grandparents bronze baby shoes?) Anyways also.. Another idea I had was a big sign (like the Harbor Church has) that we can open up and place pictures and letters, etc..? Any ideas would be great seeing the park is getting ready to start... "


Forms on the way...

11.19.02 - 04:35 PM

the structures have been ordered, and the foundation is being preped to be pured...