11.19.02 - 04:38 PM

Just in case people were wondering how the skatepark is coming along, the pieces have been ordered and shipped. They should be on the island soon (says Chris Willi), and the foundation is being preped for pouring. So feesably we could have the park going round christmas time... I'll be out on the island for about a month for break, and be cracking the whip for these guys to get everything done. Also I'm going to try and organize a meeting and maybe a commitee (if not thanksgiving break then christmas break) that will be in charge of designing and installing the memorial peice for Ian... many good suggestion have been made (Ian skateboard bronzed, a case to hang pictures, etc.) we just need to get organized and get everything ordered. See you all soon, and love to the I-dogg...


Plaque suggestions?

11.19.02 - 04:36 PM

From Alicia: "What I was thinking and Eddie and I were talking about are certain things that we think we could have at the skatepark to commemorate (I think thats the word?) Ian. What I was thinking was bronzing one of his skateboards and having that be part of the plaque (you know how parents and grandparents bronze baby shoes?) Anyways also.. Another idea I had was a big sign (like the Harbor Church has) that we can open up and place pictures and letters, etc..? Any ideas would be great seeing the park is getting ready to start... "


Forms on the way...

11.19.02 - 04:35 PM

the structures have been ordered, and the foundation is being preped to be pured...