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10.26.09 - 04:43 PM

I'm sure most of you remember John Foster's forum board he setup for us after Ian's passing. I'm extremely grateful to John for doing this for the stories posted here are near and dear to a lot of us. Unfortunately the site's been under attack by a lot of spamming. I'm proud to announce that I've successfully migrated the stories into a new section on, appropriately titled "Stories". See the Stories.


Branching Out

10.25.09 - 02:27 PM

The following is a letter to the editor that Parker and myself submitted in last weeks Block Island Times. We're both extremely excited to start branching out the Dream Big foundation by helping others in similar situations that could use the knowledge we've gained through all of our Dream Big projects. Our goals aren't modest, and our expectations are drawing way beyond the realm of skateboarding and becoming a mission of improving the lives of others through parks and recreation.

Personally, I think about Ian everyday, and certain things that remind me of the great times we had together, but today in particular, the 7th anniversary of his passing, I'm flooded with ideas about where to take the Dream Big Foundation next. I take comfort in knowing that Ian's up there and smiling, and pushing us to keep the big dream alive.

Dear Editor,

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who helped make this past summer's 3rd annual Dream Big Fundraiser another huge success. We were able to raise enough money to support three important endeavors for The Ian Korbek Fund.

We are currently planning to refurbish the Ian Kortbek Memorial Skatepark, which is starting to show signs of wear and tear from the countless people who have enjoyed using the park. Now that the summer crowds have slowed down, a few days will be set aside to restore and repaint some of the park's equipment.

As always, the Ian Kortbek Fund will continue to support the Ian Kortbek Memorial Scholarship. This past year a thousand dollar scholarship was awarded to a graduating senior from the Block Island School. We encourage all seniors at the Block Island School to apply for this scholarship, and remind them that this particular grant is not only for college or university tuition, but can be used for any pursuit of further education.

Finally, last year it was brought to our attention that a family in Georgia was heading a skatepark project, Robbie's Dream, in honor of their late son Robbie. Today they've secured land from their town and are in the final steps of making their memorial skatepark a reality. The Ian Korbek Fund was honored to contribute to Robbie's Dream, and will continue to collaborate with Robbie's family throughout the project. This marks a new direction for the Ian Kortbek Fund that spans beyond the shores of Block Island, touching the lives of kids across the country.

Our sincerest thanks to all the members of Block Island community, and all the contributors to the Ian Kortbek Fund, for all your help and support of the Ian Kortbek Fund, we know that without you none of this would be possible.

To learn more about the Ian Kortbek Fund, visit our website at


Eddie Stover
President, Dream Big

Parker Lacoste
Vice President, Dream Big