Stepping Back in Time

10.25.11 - 01:09 PM

It's funny how certain memories stay with you your whole life. Certain smells, places, foods and faces you'll never forget. Having been out of high school for a good number of years now it always surprises me just how much of what I grew to know in those 4 years is still a big part of my life today. I'm mostly speaking to the board sports, but Captain Morgan could easily make that list. I think I'll be a boarder my whole life. Something about picking up my skateboard and paddling around that instantly makes me feel 16 again.

I love to look back at the countless hours of raw video and handful of polished films I put together with Ian back in high school and into college. Some days we'd spend more time on our skateboards and behind a camera than in a classroom. We got a lot of strange looks going everywhere with a camera and skateboard. The large shoulder mounted VHS we carried made us look a bit like a news crew. Hotels, docks, movie theaters even inside the mall, the world really was our playground. Not many generations had that ability to pretty easily capture the majority of your childhood on camera. They say time travel isn't possible but looking back at our videos makes me feel otherwise.

A lot has changed since those days of year round summer carefree living but a lot has stayed the same. Most of us are well on our way to growing up, seeing the world and writing our own stories. I've found myself out on the beaches of southern California where I've never felt more in touch with the kid I was back in high school than I have in a long time. Time sort of stand still here.

I made my way down to Venice Beach a few days ago to watch a skate contest. It was call "generations of skate" and featured 3 different age groups of skaters competing. I was there to see the 40+ group. Steve Cab, Andy Mac and Tony Hawk, who I still owe a debt of gratitude to for his contributions to the Ian Kortbek Skate Park. All the guys I grew up seeing at the X Games and Gravity Games with Ian. 40+ and still skating like they're 16. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these guys proving to me that even as I grow older I'll always have an easy way to step back into carefree summer living.