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The Ian Kortbek Fund was setup in memorial of the late Ian Anders Kortbek. Part of a unique island community Ian taught us to have fun, laugh out loud, and always dream big.


Skate Videos


I'm always a bit surprised when I'm home in Rhode Island and I open the drawers full of VHS tapes from high school of all the hours and days of skate footage we took. Can't be very many people out there who have the privilege of looking back on some of the most fun times of there childhood, all captured on tape. I hope to someday move all the VHS footage over to digital and share the shareable highlights online. My first attempt at the digital conversation was of the first skate video Ian and I did together, titles Skateboarding 101. Looking at it you wouldn't think it would have take months to edit, but remember this was the days of VHS and VCRs, so it wasn't as easy as todays editing. Of all the crazy parties and long beach days Ian and I spent together, I have to say that the hours and hours we spend cooped up editing videos was by far my favorite. I miss ya bud, and can't wait to get back in the editing room and convert over some more videos.
Always Dream big.