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Missing You


I can still here your laugh... ...miss you


just thinking


thinking about you i miss you


tony hawk


tony hawk is making a visit to the island this weekend. cant help but think of ian.. and how excited he would be ~ still miss you, little bro. wish you could be here with us to meet your idol


A Year Later


I can't believe it's been a year. It seems like just yesterday I heard your laughter. You are dearly missed down here. Love you.


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The birthday present


I'll never forget July 4, 2001. It was Katie's birthday and she had gotten a whole bagful of gag gifts from her friends. One of the gifts happened to be a vibrator [purely a joke of course] and the moment she pulled it out, Ian had grabbed it from her. It was the source of entertainment for the rest of the afternoon. Since we were at the beach, Ian kept putting it in the sand and watch it"wiggle" through the sand. He also attacked Justin with it while it was on and all sandy [I think someone got this on video]]. And then there was the phone call wiht ym mom of course...she had called me while I was at the beach with Ian, Katie, etc. and was just asking me what i was doing and stuff and out of no where Ian attacked me with the Vibrator on full blast in my face! I was trying to get away from him but he kept poking me with it, it was absolutely hysterical! I think Eddie has this on video...


meeting Ian...


i never really MET met ian, but i remember bus rides home. he would always be laughing and so happy. i was so young compared to him, i never really talked to him, but one memory comes to mind. one bus ride (at one point when all the girls liked him in my class) i was looking at him, kind of spacing off (surprise surprise) and he waved. WAVED! i looked around to make sure it was me he was waving at, and then when i reaized it was, i felt like such a special individual, the "cute boy," THE IAN had waved, to me! i was so excited, i was smiling all day! whenever i saw him in the halls, i always remembered that and smiled to myself. i regret never meeting Ian, he seemed like such a great guy, but i know he's looking down on all of us, smiling that infamous smile that made ALL the girls feel loved by Ian (you know what im talking about ). RIP Ian, god BLESS!


Fireworks on the beach..


I remeber this one time Ian's Dad was out on the island, and he had brought back a whole bunch of fireworks. Ian called me up and said we were going down to the beach to light em off. So I wnet over there and found he had a small arsinal of fireworks. We drove out on the beach ...PUG came along with us (Ians dad's dog aka asian)... So we set off like 100 fireworks for about an hour. When it came tim eto leave we looked around and could find the dog. I remeber one time when I was at Ian's dad's in CT the dog heard fireworks and flipped out. So the dog had freaked out and we had to comb the boeach to find it. About a half hour later Ian and I were in the dunes and we thought we saw the dog so we ran up to it... and there lying in the dunes was PUG, stiff as a board and scared sh*tless. That was with us for some great times... trips to skater island, driving around off island aimlessly, and just haning out at the house... that dog was great, and Ian sure got a kick out of her...


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Going to the Pool


I remember them days when ians dad would spend like a week out on the island. Now, as crazy as this sounds, i loved it. When ians dad was out, i always knew that something funny or interesting was gonna happen. Anybody who ever hung with him and the pug knew it was funny, cause ian used to always play with that damn thing,haha. He freaking loved the thing like a son, haha, and that thing was sooooo ugly, lol. Everytime we went driving around with it, ian would always pick it up and throw it on his dad or something. His dad would always yell out some swear in german or something, it was so funny. Oh, and all the pool trips. Those were so fun. It would usually be me, ian, his dad, the pug sometimes, trevor, andy, roland, morty sometimes. It was so much fun, we always used to grab roland and start giving him type writer,lol, omg, i thought the kid almost started crying sometimes. I can still remember getting all that food all the time, we used to eat like pigs, haha..i guess thats why we grew so much. But, damn, everytime his dad got up from his seat, i always jumped on him and tried to throw him in the pool. Ian would just burst out laughing, cause his dad would start yelling and swearing, haha. Those were some good times, back in the day when we had nothing to do in the day time. Then it was back to town to eat at that jamaican place. At night it was party, party, party. Love u man, miss you everyday.


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