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Nice Mice


This is classic Ian at his best of getting out of doing any work. From what I remember we were (i think) 7th grade and Mr.T, Steve Kahill and Calum Crawford were coaching the soccer team. Ian did not want to go to practice one day because we had to do alot of running because it was early in the season and we were conditioning. Well he would come up with all sorts of exuses. One that i particularly liked was that he said his mice were having babies and he had to leave immediately after school and miss practice. Oh it was a classic...


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Memorial Video


Im going to be working on a video over the next few week for all the footage Ian and all of use took over the past few years. There going to be some good stuff on it that everyone should see grin. So when I'm finished im going to hand out as many copies as I can and have people make copies of there copies to circulate it around. As of this thanksgiving break I need to track down the second video Ian and I made, theres only one copy and its floatig around somewhere... Plus I'll be pulling the videos off the computers at school. I plan on making a compalation DVD with our first second and third skate video allong with the memorial video on it. I'll keep you all posted...


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a little bit sad


hey guys... happy new year to everyone. i just wanted to share an experience i had.. sorry to lay another quote from something else on ya..... so i was reading this national geographic article on "skin" at my grandma's house to pass the time a little while back.. the whole thing was just sort of going in one ear and out the other until i came to the end of the article at which point i just started to cry. it's the author interacting with his comatose father. "I try to comfort him by talking, singing songs from my childhood, or just sitting quietly. I'm not sure what he can sense, but his skin feels warm and normal. I keep my fingers on his arm or cheek, anything to let him know that he is not alone and that he is loved. I realize that our only unbroken connection now is through touch. We are skin to skin, warmth to warmth. According to the textbooks, transduction within the skin is transforming physical energy to neural energy. But something far more important is occuring. Love and memory are flowing through my skin and into his dreams." I had a few regrets in regards to Ian, not coming back last summer to visit for example, which have been really bothering me. But as i read this last part of the article I realized i had one last huge regret which was not saying goodbye to him, not holding his hand, not giving him a kiss on the cheek.... i think that this makes me saddest of all, not letting him know i was there finally to see him after 10 years.


the unexpected things


Ian and I always believed that you had the best times when they weren't planned. Like the time we decided last summer to go to mainland for a day. It was a hot day around 10:00 and we had nothing else to do so we were like lets get on the 10:30 boat and go off. We saw Seb on the street out front of the National and he was all for it. We than grabbed Chris P. who was working the morning shift at the National. We were ready to go, except of course me and Ian thought it would be much better time with some... well ...soda. But well of course the store was not open that early so we invited, your friend and mine, Pete Langlo; he had a litter and we figured he would be a great attribute to our trip hahaha... we were wrong though ahaha.I provided the tickets and we were on our way. We got to the mainland and crammed in my tiny green machine and we were off. We made it to Providence with ease, but when we got there we realized no one had like any money to buy anything! At this point pete has lost it and he is walking into people.So Ian has the idea to go back to Narr. and go on the go carts. Of course we were in. By the time we got back to Narr. Chris was passed out and the troops were looking a bit tired so Seb came up big in coercing everyone to buy slush puppies to jump start our big race. We found the go carts weren't all that fast and it was more fun saying we went on them then actually going. On our ride back we were tired and I thought how we didn't do anything that day ecept drive. But I look back and think I had a blast with Ian in the front seat changing the radio every other two minutes, him and me cracking on Langlo for riding in the trunk, and me and him drinking half of Sebs slush puppy ( he only had money for that). Those were fun times. I still remeber that boat ride back home because when I thought the day was going to be over he pipes up and says "what are going to do tonight, think we have time to run to the store for some more soda!" Oh Ian ....


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i was just going to respond to Liz's post about ian and trev buying the nair...but i think that the whole nair thing is a whole other story. he was obsessed with it as most of us know. he was always saying that he couldn't have hair on his chest, and his "happy trail"...he thought it was the grossest thing. i remember once he showed me one little black hair on his chest, that obviously nobody could see, and the next day he showed me how it was gone, and he was so proud of it. another time at the beach, he hadn't taken off his shirt in a while because he had nair bumps on his he finally took it off and he had the worst farmers tan haha. he was all embarressed and holding his arms up to his chest. there are definitely countless nair stories. i love you ian..i miss you


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Money aint a thang


Everyone knew Ian loved to spend money. It was a funny thing with him when he had it he spent it, and when he didn't have it he would find a way to spend other people's money! But the way he spent his money was in a very unselfish manner. I can remember numorous instances in the summer when Ian would get a pay check and spend it all on myself and the gang for food to go to the beach or huh... soda... for those late night parties. At the end of the school year of our senior year, Eddie stover, liz, abby, and me went to the mall ( think it was senior skipday). Of course Ian was dramatically late but he made it fresh from cashing his latest pay check, from those long hours working as a house clearner... he used to brag so much about how much he got paid and make fun of me for working at Interstate... any way he dropped like $300 in like two hours. He actually was suprised in himself the way he bragged on the way back on the boat how much stuff he got. Although Ian was concerned about money he knew how to have fun and knew he didn't have to have money for that...


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What a pimp


I had to post this. This was a conversation between me and Willis and it sums up perfectly what I enved in Ian: Gorrila11: haha, thanks man, so dude I put some pictures of Ian up around my room, and every girl that walks into my room asks me who he is and if he is single Gorrila11: the force was strong with that one


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I found this poem, and it seemed to fit my feelings. I had meant to recite it at the service, but it was just too hard... UNEXPECTED by: Robert Beau Sometimes life's passage is cut shorter than was planned It is often very difficult for anyone to truly understand These are moments to reflect on all we shared Your presence here shows how much you really cared While one might imagine of many things that seem unfair Recognize that each one's life is a gift that touched us everywhere The value of the person is never measured in terms of time It is especially important when one has not yet reached their prime The feelings that we have, are expressed in a very tender way This is the reason that we must remember this very important day No one will forget the treasures that you brought You will remain fondly forever in each and every heart.


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