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Fireworks on the beach..


I remeber this one time Ian's Dad was out on the island, and he had brought back a whole bunch of fireworks. Ian called me up and said we were going down to the beach to light em off. So I wnet over there and found he had a small arsinal of fireworks. We drove out on the beach ...PUG came along with us (Ians dad's dog aka asian)... So we set off like 100 fireworks for about an hour. When it came tim eto leave we looked around and could find the dog. I remeber one time when I was at Ian's dad's in CT the dog heard fireworks and flipped out. So the dog had freaked out and we had to comb the boeach to find it. About a half hour later Ian and I were in the dunes and we thought we saw the dog so we ran up to it... and there lying in the dunes was PUG, stiff as a board and scared sh*tless. That was with us for some great times... trips to skater island, driving around off island aimlessly, and just haning out at the house... that dog was great, and Ian sure got a kick out of her...


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Oh yeah....i remember when we went through our Pyro I remember that used to be the thing on the hadn’t discovered acting like retards yet. So, it used to be him, seth, charlie, and me, sometimes parker too. It was so funny, we would just put them at the cliff and light them off and run like hell. We could do that for hours back then. On occasion one of them wouldn’t go off, so it was like drawing straws to see which one of us would check it out and then run like! That was crazy, but it was so much fun. Oh yeah...and when the cops would come down, it was always, jump off the cliff and run like hell. always twist his ankle running down that thing. Good times, Love You Bro!

the fireworks on the 5th this year were awesome...i remember we were all on the break wall watchin them, ian was videotaping them for his summer highlights video, and everyone was having a great one had a care in the world, the only thing on our minds was the firework and our was the best firework show i’d ever seen.
-parks bono

The 5th was awsome! retarded people left and right...laughing non-stop (expecially ian)...rovie and his incredible exploding glowstick epasode...and of course no one can forget mr.o! haha great times and even though we are hurting right now i know that we have many more firework nights ahead of us and ian will be at every one of them though we may not see him.