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Going to the Pool


I remember them days when ians dad would spend like a week out on the island. Now, as crazy as this sounds, i loved it. When ians dad was out, i always knew that something funny or interesting was gonna happen. Anybody who ever hung with him and the pug knew it was funny, cause ian used to always play with that damn thing,haha. He freaking loved the thing like a son, haha, and that thing was sooooo ugly, lol. Everytime we went driving around with it, ian would always pick it up and throw it on his dad or something. His dad would always yell out some swear in german or something, it was so funny. Oh, and all the pool trips. Those were so fun. It would usually be me, ian, his dad, the pug sometimes, trevor, andy, roland, morty sometimes. It was so much fun, we always used to grab roland and start giving him type writer,lol, omg, i thought the kid almost started crying sometimes. I can still remember getting all that food all the time, we used to eat like pigs, haha..i guess thats why we grew so much. But, damn, everytime his dad got up from his seat, i always jumped on him and tried to throw him in the pool. Ian would just burst out laughing, cause his dad would start yelling and swearing, haha. Those were some good times, back in the day when we had nothing to do in the day time. Then it was back to town to eat at that jamaican place. At night it was party, party, party. Love u man, miss you everyday.