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meeting Ian...


i never really MET met ian, but i remember bus rides home. he would always be laughing and so happy. i was so young compared to him, i never really talked to him, but one memory comes to mind. one bus ride (at one point when all the girls liked him in my class) i was looking at him, kind of spacing off (surprise surprise) and he waved. WAVED! i looked around to make sure it was me he was waving at, and then when i reaized it was, i felt like such a special individual, the "cute boy," THE IAN had waved, to me! i was so excited, i was smiling all day! whenever i saw him in the halls, i always remembered that and smiled to myself. i regret never meeting Ian, he seemed like such a great guy, but i know he's looking down on all of us, smiling that infamous smile that made ALL the girls feel loved by Ian (you know what im talking about ). RIP Ian, god BLESS!