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The birthday present


I'll never forget July 4, 2001. It was Katie's birthday and she had gotten a whole bagful of gag gifts from her friends. One of the gifts happened to be a vibrator [purely a joke of course] and the moment she pulled it out, Ian had grabbed it from her. It was the source of entertainment for the rest of the afternoon. Since we were at the beach, Ian kept putting it in the sand and watch it"wiggle" through the sand. He also attacked Justin with it while it was on and all sandy [I think someone got this on video]]. And then there was the phone call wiht ym mom of course...she had called me while I was at the beach with Ian, Katie, etc. and was just asking me what i was doing and stuff and out of no where Ian attacked me with the Vibrator on full blast in my face! I was trying to get away from him but he kept poking me with it, it was absolutely hysterical! I think Eddie has this on video...